Flickering Shadows

Filet That Trout

Time lapse estimate: 2 days + 1 day in the Capondercity

We discover that the librarian Burle is missing and descend again into the Capondercity where we decide to do a bit of mining. We mine part of the collapsed tunnel and encounter some undead.

  1. Edmund goes to the Capon to investigate librarian’s disappearance. Belphorus is an old friend, 65–70, a scholar, gulf historian, war ner.
  2. Eugene investigates the library, just normal stuff, although he is able to put all the books away
  3. Edmund discovers no library books are missing, gets drunk
  4. Grigori investigates his deity
  5. Renner performs a ritual, seems amenable to Liamath (at which point one in-game day passes)
  6. Edmund wakes up and looks around. Goes back to the capon.
  7. Renner’s donation does not go unnoticed
  8. Grigori discovers last time Burle was in his room was a week ago.
  9. Nothing on his desk but adventure stories and receipts.
  10. On page 18, we mine out 10*
  11. We continue burning out the gaps and mining
  12. Hear some noise from down the hall
  13. Shieldwall in the crossroads
  14. Eugene runs in and gets javelined
  15. Shieldwall moves in
  16. 1 Kuo Toa comes into the hallway
  17. Edmund casts sleep, just to see what it will do
  18. Kuo Toa is blinking and incapacitated, the others can now move
  19. Kuo Toa swings, misses, Grigori misses
  20. Jed comes out of the washroom and filets the trout
  21. Eugene moves into the room and discovers other Kuo To a
  22. Eugene teases Kuo To a to move back down hallway
  23. Combat ensues
  24. Grigori casts light on the eyes of the big one
  25. General combat ensues
  26. Could be a Kuo Toa shaman
  27. Grigori slays a Kuo Toa
  28. Renner takes a good shot and slays one
  29. Chieftain remains
  30. Renner did 17 damage to chieftain, it did not die
  31. More combat
  32. Slays chieftain
  33. Total of: 38gp and 9pp … old coins …
  34. We encounter a monster as we continue to excavate
  35. Grigori goes into the mined area to confront the undead creature
  36. Undead is unaffected by Grigori
  37. Edmund does the kill
  38. Discover a room
  39. Piles of bones and bodies
  41. No significant hits
  42. Grigori kills it


Rixos cheddarmilk

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