Flickering Shadows

Into the Capondercity

Session 3

1.5 in-game days.

  1. We interrogate the captive lizardman. The pitiful creature seems to be a scout or raider of some kind (poorly dressed, poorly armed) and is evidently quite afraid of the “Delve” or of the earthquake the previous day (it’s not clear exactly what the lizardman is responding to).
  2. We march the lizardman back up the road, untie him, and turn him loose.
  3. With the day drawing to a close, we’re reminded that a giant lizard is still out there somewhere and we’ve spent half a day dragging a lizardman around the countryside with nothing to show for it. Instead of pushing on into the swamp, we return to Akkash for wine and sleep.
  4. The next day, we decide that there must be more information about the Delve somewhere, and it occurs to us that one or more expedition folios may have been removed from the library before we could read them.
  5. We decide to descend below the library to look for more information. Initially, our progress is impeded by a locked door, but we find the key in the librarian’s quarters.
  6. Many of the major buildings in Akkash are connected to a subterranean network, some of which is man-made (aqueducts serving the noble houses, for example) and some of which is naturally-occurring (eons ago, Mt. Akkash, the mountain which gave its name to the city, was an active volcano that left caves and a water system behind as it cooled).
  7. This section appears man-made, although we run into the natural cave system in places where the wall has collapsed. Unfortunately, creatures from the cave system have likely begun to investigate the walled sections in search of food. We encounter and kill an enormous spider. The spider appears to have come from a cave system which we explore briefly, but decide against examining in greater detail.
  8. There’s a pit in one of the rooms, and we can hear voices coming from a lower level.
  9. After climbing over a collapsed wall to get around a section where the wall collapsed completely, we find an ornate locked door and cannot progress any further. There is a staircase, but we’re initially hesitant to explore any further since we’re not at 100%.
  10. Even though we’re pushing our luck, we descend cautiously and take a left.
  11. We push through a door and discover three Kuo-toa camped out inside. A battle ensues, and Edmund is able to use Sleep to render them unconscious before slitting their throats. Gills. Edmund is really doing very well in this session! He’s a natural leader and his magic helps the group a lot!
  12. We try the other room and find some crates. Unfortunately, our brief battle must have drawn attention from some Kuo-toa further along the corridor and we’re surprised. Jonos suffers a wound that is bad enough for us to nearly panic. Luckily, Jed, Grigori, and Bobric are able to cut up the fish men.
  13. Grigori is able to heal our wounded henchman, but we decide it’s best to hightail it out of the undercity.


Rixos cheddarmilk

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