Flickering Shadows

That's a Dangerous Place to Grow Your Bananas

Session 2

1.5 in-game days.

  1. Edmund spent the morning after the earthquake reading through the expedition reports he’d taken from the library. The information was vague and in some cases of dubious authorship. What a waste. He concluded that the vital information might be among the expedition reports he’d left for Grigori to pick over. Initially, Edmund planned to cast Unseen Servant to remove the volumes from Grigori’s possession, but later he decided a better idea would be to overcome his suspicion of tourists and approach Grigori about sharing whatever research they had gathered. The two set to work but found only more vague myths.
  2. Meanwhile, an Akkashi patrol was returning to the city, visibly shaken and carrying wounded men on stretchers.
  3. Since research is often very tiring and can make a man thirsty, Edmund and Grigori returned to the Capon for a drink and noticed the atmosphere of general alarm. Grigori was able to enlist his temple in providing for the wounded men.
  4. Back at the Capon, Grigori recognized Jed from the previous day and the party came together around the shared goal of determining exactly how the lizardman incursion was linked to the events of the previous day. Jed seemed motivated by a strong moral code, while Grigori seemed compelled as faith-based healer. Edmund, on the other hand, just couldn’t handle not knowing something important.
  5. The party spoke with two of the patrolmen—Jonos and Bobric—and they were convinced to act as guides (for a price).
  6. The next day the party set out along a main thoroughfare leading out of Akkash and into the outlying agricultural area.
  7. The road was well maintained and the party noted the plantations and farms that surround the city had not been attacked.
  8. Soon, however, a giant lizard (of some sort) was spotted and the group was forced to detour around through the swamp.
  9. As the party neared the site where the patrol had skirmished with lizardmen, Jonos and Bobric abruptly called the group to a halt. Two lizardmen rose out of the swamp and came forward.
  10. Edmund was quick to cast Sleep. The party argued over what to do and decided that it might be possible to seek more information. (Edmund and Grigori are both able to communicate with lizardmen to some degree.) The party decided that Jed would kill one of the lizardmen and the other would be tied up and brought back to the city. Edmund later confessed that he felt a little umcomfortable about killing a sleeping creature, but wasn’t really losing any sleep over it.


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