Flickering Shadows

Xapon Subspace

Time lapse estimate: 1 day

In this episode we found an altar to Liamath that had been defaced and also had quite an epic battle with a Kuo Toa chieftain and his men, who were fighting some Troglodytes.

  1. We camp out in the cave. Bobric, Xal, Jed keep watch.
  2. Xal hears sounds from behind the wall, from within the cave.
  3. Edmund is able to memorize a spell after being awoken.
  4. Jed taps on the wall. Does it resonate more in certain areas?
  5. We’ll wait an hour to make sure Grigori can memorize his spells.
  6. We may have found a secret door in the side of the cave wall.
  7. Jed is going to the shift the wall to open the door.
  8. Javelins come flying into the room.
  9. Jonos, Bobrick, and Xal engage a scuffle. Jed and Jonos finish one off.
  10. Edmund will focus on staying out of trouble.
  11. The room contains horribly old, dry goods.
  12. The room seems very disused.
  13. We move into the corridor and hear the sound of fighting down the hall.
  14. Guttural shouts and snarls as well as hissing and clicking.
  15. Two Kuo To a fighting two bipedal reptiles, humanoid geckos….
  16. Kuo To a have their backs to us, let’s dispatch them first
  17. Renner “shark style” runs one through and disembowels.
  18. Jonos misses, Jed misses, his shield flies off, Grigori gives him the shield.
  19. Retaliation on Kuo To a from gecko man.
  20. Jed gets a critical hit for fifteen damage, decapitating the gecko
  21. Jonos slips on his shield and
  22. Bobrick slips also
  23. Jed fumbles also
  24. Grigori swings and misses, Jed misses, Trogolodyte misses
  25. Big conflict in left-hand door
  26. Room contains 5 casks
  27. We leave in different formation
  28. Reinforced door
  29. Explored the tunnel
  30. 20-foot square room
  31. Empty book shelves
  32. Fresh tracks here
  33. We charge in, Jed gets a critical on the leader
  34. Bobrick hit and slay Kuo To a
  35. Bobrick then gets hit. We did poorly on initiative
  36. Jonos hits one
  37. Jed slays Kuo To a chieftain shark style
  38. Jed gets hit and goes down
  39. Hell breaks loose
  40. Edmund casts sleep, 3 troglodytes go down
  41. Jonos runs over and takes chieftain bobrick
  42. Bobrick gets critical
  43. Edmund does magic missile on one Kuo To a
  44. Xal to kill the troglodytes that are sleeping
  45. Jonos gets a hit
  46. More crazy fighting and Jonos goes down
  47. Grigori finally rolls well and kills Kuo To a
  48. Grigorie really hits the last troglodyte but he’s still going… Bobrick hits
  49. Bobrick takes it out
  50. Carvings in the wall, defaced, alter defaced. Maybe an altar to Liamath. The sea mother on the alter there is a hidden panel
  51. Grigori pops the panel off.
  52. Kuo Toa have some shiny pieces of metal.


Rixos cheddarmilk

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