Flickering Shadows

You Quit, Cold Capon?

Time lapse estimate: 2 days (notes are very poor this time)

It looks like we made it out of there alive because there is some stuff in my notes about searching for Jonos and Bobrick. We look in a pub called the Dog’s Bollocks and eventually Edmund decides to impersonate a census officer. Nothing seems to come of it though, it was possibly a bad idea.

This was the session where we lost Xal, temporarily lost Bobrick and Jonos, and where we met Eugene Rickname, the thief character. There was a lot of combat in this session and a reasonable amount of treasure, I seem to remember.

So we head down into the dungeon and there’s some random notes about “clothes, closet, racks of old clothing.”

  1. We rest in the Temple of Liamath.
  2. Proceed to Locked door.
  3. Eugene checks for traps.
  4. Eugene opens door.
  5. We find a 4-way junction.
  6. Eugene pops the door open.
  7. In a library-type room we find a false bookshelf.
  8. Eugene says, “give it a wiggle.”
  9. Grigori warps the bookshelf, Jed pulls the wood away.
  10. We find a lockbox
  11. We use a grappling hook to open it, there’s some kind of poison dart traps (presumably we disarmed these).
  12. Three scrolls. We take poison darts.
  13. First one crumbles, second and third definitely has spells. Third is much slimmer. Too hard to comprehend.
  14. We find a staircase then move back.
  15. Dank room, fetid, mood, it’s
  16. Do we find an ooze? a slime.
  17. Eugene throws a flask of oil.
  18. We make a crème brûlée out of it
  19. But it doesn’t die, Grigori lights it on fire again and we leave the room.
  20. Old quarters…. stone basin
  21. Javelins fly at us, we run into Kuo To a
  22. Combat ensues
  23. Jonos heavily wounded
  24. Jonos slays one, Edmund gets hit with a javelin from AMBUSH
  25. blinded Kuo Toa
  26. Jed slays one, Grigori sling buleets one
  27. Jed slays another hone
  28. Grigori slays the last one
  29. Caviar-Toa
  30. One scroll contains 6 spells, the other contains 2
  31. see previous page
  32. find a flask
  33. Weird contraption; elevator system
  34. Eugene opens lock
  35. Racks, armour mannequins, find a spade
  36. At 34 find the elevator, pass engineering check | elevator descends…..
  37. Elevator grinding back upwards
  38. Killed Kuo To a who came up elevator
  39. We take elevator (At this point there are some drawings of a bird and some cave drawings, one indicating “FLOODED.”)
  40. Shield wall goes back up elevator, rest of group goes back up
  41. Remains of camp
  42. Encounter tentacle monster
  43. Jed severs a tentacle
  44. Jed severs other tentacle
  45. Much combat
  46. Grigori slays it
  47. We return to the library


Rixos cheddarmilk

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