Flickering Shadows

A Shadow is Cast
Session 1

One in-game day.

The campaign begins in the city of Akkash, with the start of the Succession Festival and the introdution of our characters:

Grigori Oakenhand, a rural clergyman from the outlying town of Badun has just arrived to pay his villages’ respects to the new Emperor, being the only even remotely educated person of his small village. Seeking refuge from the crowds swarming the streets of Akkash, he manages to find his way to the temple of Liamath, he makes his way to The Golden Capon for relaxation and refreshment.

Edmund Cheddarmilk, a scholar, copyist, translator, scribe; accidental wizard. Native to Akkash, Edmund has spent the better part of his life in study. Irascible and unamused by the crowds of tourists and revelers swarming through the great city, he is a creature of habit – he lives for his books and study. No party can distract such a man from his beloved Library – or his local watering hole, The Golden Capon.

James Edward Renner, squire and son of a minor nobleman from Waymoor, in the neighboring Kingdom of Lindor. Arriving with the delegation sent from Lindor to honour the Akkash and witness the succession ceremony, James Edward (“Jed”) is a young man on the verge of knighthood. Preoccupied with the tales of great champions and heroes of the tournaments, Jed is largely free to amuse himself in the city over the course of the great festival. Tired and suffocatingly hot, he makes his first thirsty stop within the walls of Akkash at the finest (and most befitting his station) establishment in the city – The Golden Capon.

The scholar, the clergyman and the squire come together within the spacious and accommodating walls of the Capon – operated by the consummate purveyor Rixos Kaleun – through a mutual desire for refreshment, though their introductions are fleeting and incomplete.

Edmund reads a tome of architectural technique and methods, Jed drinks and sweats in equal measure at the bar while Grigori reposes in the adjacent gardens, feet half-sunk in the moss.

The land shakes. The shuddering noticed only by those in the Capon idly watching their cups. Within seconds no patron can ignore the ground beneath them as it rocks the city. Akkash is wrenched from its revels by the only earthquake in living memory. As the Capon is evacuated by a quick-thinking Jed; Edmund’s thoughts are focused only on his books. Grigori initially stayed in the gardens, already being outside – but he had second thoughts when visions of being crushed by the walls around him danced through his mind.

Far more abruptly than it began, the earthquake ceased. A stillness settled over the city, interrupted only by the barking of dogs. Edmund and Grigori both notice a red streak moving curiously slow across the sky – and then within moments begin to spot others joining the first, all in the same direction.


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