Flickering Shadows

We bid farewell to Capondercity
About Bloody Time
  1. Move into room and get javelined.
  2. 2 Kuo Toa. Let’s fight!
  3. Javelins to Jed and Jonos. They miss …
  4. Jed hits one.
  5. Jed gets hit really hard, Jonos gets hit.
  6. Grigori hits a Kuo Toa.
  7. Edmund kills one …
  8. Eugene sneaks to guttural chanting. Kuo Toa shaman is organizing a ritual.
  9. Eugene tries to sneak attack the shaman … but misses … he enters combat.
  10. We enter combat.
  11. Edmund smacks the shaman to injure.
  12. Jed defeats Kuo Toa
  13. Sounds of battle in the other room still persist. Priest had a scroll.
  14. We open up into ruin or structure
  15. Eugene throws torch into room where we see human bones.
  16. A dozen skeletons vs Kuo Toa/Chieftain … Flame skeleton …
  17. We wait as skeleton vs Kuo Toa ensues then takes them out via melee.
  18. We battle all Kuo Toa/skeletons lots of fighting
  19. Eugene kills Kuo Toa
  20. Eventually we prevail, find mining equipment and shackles.
  21. Eugene is using a light-casted Kuo Toa’s head as a torch on its own halbert.
  22. Combat with piercers …
  23. 2 skeletons.
  24. Hallway slopes up.
  25. Door is reinforced (unintelligible) gained 1 armour spell on scroll (?)
  26. Death stench
  27. Light a torch throw into octagonal (?)
  28. Humanoid figure is evident
  29. Item sitting on a plinth in second octagonal room ….
  30. Wooden mannequin with plate mail
  31. Find a chest in 25.
  32. We smell loam, dirt, fresh …
  33. Endless dice rolls … Bright lights, smells
  34. Blind … We hear people
  35. In a graveyard, set in a wall…
  36. Outside the walls in the wet quarter, pocket of mausoleums
  37. We retire to the Capon. There appear to be warriors and tagalongs.
Lobster Formation
  1. Edmund explores the cave while Jed guards the wounded, gathers moss and mushrooms and returns.
  2. Eugene keeps his right hand on the wall, heads back in the opposite direction until he finds the collapse, lights a flare and heads back.
  3. Renner does a prayer to Liamath while this is going on.
  4. Eugene takes next watch.
  5. Jonos is groaning and grumbling. Seems awake.
  6. Edmund memorized spells and copies the Melf’s Acid Arrow and Web he can now understand from the scroll.
  7. Can’t find water. Edmund returns to camp.
  8. Eugene finds wall sloping inwards as he explores cave in opposite direction. After another 20 mins it curves inwards. But it’s the collapse. He essentially went back the wrong way.
  9. Eugene rests for a bit, we eat rations, he heads back, on his right-hand side. Abrupt turn-off, which he heads down.
  10. Starts to curve off again to the right, feels like a parallel wall.
  11. Eugene marks wall with chalk.
  12. We decide that, after another night, Eugene will proceed across the cavern then turn right.
  13. Continues along, it seems like we’ve found the other side.
  14. Meanwhile, Jonos seems to have fallen into depression.
  15. Grigori creates some water the next day. We’re so thirsty. Grigori cures himself, it’s good to have him back.
  16. After another day, it’s time for us to head back.
  17. We head along the new passageway. As the passageway widens we do wisdom checks and hear… a trickling noise from somewhere.
  18. We head left. The sound is the trickling of a cave spring.
  19. As soon as we hear water, we hear javelins. One hits Jonos.
  20. As we advance another two javelins come in and we spot two Kuo Toa.
  21. Jonos takes another hit and crumples, Jed dodges one.
  22. New round. Edmund’s magic missile hits, Grigori heals Jonos.
  23. Eugene misses, Grigori hits one, Renner really smokes one.
  24. Jonos and Jed miss.
  25. Grigori nails one and kills it.
  26. Renner kills the other one.
  27. We take the new passageway, some parts of it seemed bored out? Something was dug.
  28. Grigori takes a hit from a torso-sized centipede. It clamps its jaws around him.
  29. Everyone takes a shot at it.
  30. Still trying to chew through chain mail. Much combat, but eventually Eugene kills it with crossbow.
  31. Edmund consults bestiary.
  32. Eugene goes into its lair to see what’s there. Sees a bit of a glitter… Finds gemstones, darkish blue. 2.
  33. Eugene stabs poop. “I don’t find anything in his butt.”
  34. We continue on in this direction and see Kuo Toa. We’re in Lobster Formation to protect us against the wall.
  35. We find a group of Kuo To a huddling around one who has recently died. One of the Kuo Toa seems to be crouching and scrabbling. 1 looks like he has a crazy bone or shell weapon.
  36. Jed kills one Jonos crazy hit kills one … then he gets knocked out. (?) Grigori going to get a bonus … casts light.
  37. Eugene badly wounds one.
  38. Edmund casts Melf’s Acid Arrow, hits the big dude. Renner hits him … More combat … Grigori smokes one. It “melfs” through his skull.
  39. The chieftain’s coins melted by acid, a brooch …
  40. So the centipede got the Kuo Toa first, we showed up later… find a small prism.
  41. Altar with shells and bones. This is actually Kuo Toa design. The altar may have a hidden compartment. Eugene checks for traps. Poison needle trap is disarmed. We find a bone knife.
  42. We rest for the night.
  43. More back through 38 notice boulders dislodged. Glowing moss … Notice this moss is mutated and glowing …
  44. Find Kuo Toa bones.
  45. See a stalactite (?) column.
  46. We see a trolling bearing down on us from the chasm.
  47. Troll combat.
  48. Return to 43 and combat, an armoured centipede. Kill it in one round.
  49. Examine troll cave… Just Kuo Toa remains, some small gems. Scattered coins … A clean sack … Seems to summon a puffball … Eagle of house Weymoor …
  50. Rest in Troll cave.
  51. Explore.
  52. Hear rustling and footfalls receding.
  53. A Kuo Toa sneaking around pillar… Eugene surprise attack kills one. Moss, lichen, vines. Human skull buried in the moss … Rings on fingers …
  54. Jones and Jed fall in a pit.
"Grab the Femur, Eugene!"

Time lapse estimate: less than one day

In this episode, we start out in the Capondercity, which we don’t normally do. We seem to be encountering more and more undead and this episode is no exception. We fight some skeletons, and discover some sort of ancient Akkashi tomb with a skeleton king of some kind (?) which gives us all the creeps. This triggers a mini-earthquake of some kind and we all fall into a lower level. We find an enormous mushroom cave. As we explore the cavern we discover a dragon that immediately becomes hostile and slays Bobrick. At the end of the episode, we’re left running for our lives…

  1. We cross the hallway after combatting the zombies
  2. We can hear a scratching sound, kind of a wet sound
  3. Edmund does a wisdom check and sees something at *…. rippling
  4. Is it a stick
  5. Eugene throws a rock, we hear rustling. We saw an elbow of a sunken, ghastly creature
  6. It’s undead appearing. Grigori steps forward and attempts to turn them
  7. Grigori appears to turn them. initiative roll, a set of bones dislodges itself from a bier, dragging a rusty sword. “I don’t think I got all of them.”
  8. Renner heads for the skeleton.
  9. Grigori wants Jonos and Bobrick to hold off the others.
  10. We discover many skeletons are waking up
  11. Bobrick slays one, no questions, that bardiche.
  12. New round
  13. Edmund does 2 damage to a skeleton.
  14. Bobrick swings off balance
  15. Eugene misses with crossbow
  16. Jed is hit by a skeleton for 3 damage
  17. Jonos dismantles a skeleton
  18. Renner kills… nothing.
  19. Renner kills another skeleton
  20. Edmunds knocks a skeleton apart
  21. Renner kills, let’s slay ghouls
  22. Investigating a remaining skeleton puts the fear in several people. His rusted sword was probably nice
  23. Ancient Akkashi guys would make tombs and sarcophagi
  24. Everyone becomes aware of a loud grinding back in the hallway
  25. What we thought was a dead hallway reveals itself
  26. Remove is richly decorated and engraved, tapestries, torch olders
  27. in the centre, there’s a tomb with stairs leading up to….
  28. An ornate tomb in the centre of the room
  29. We find a tripwire
  30. Eugnee sees a "talon symbol crossed with a scythe
  31. Skeletal hand starts open sarcophagus
  32. Something is happening…. a tremor in the background
  33. Eugene runs back and jumps on the lid
  34. Edmund pushes back into a wall
  35. Eugene on casket lid, some hijinx
  36. Recognize theres a 9-foot tall “thing” rising out of the tomb
  37. Wisdom check: rumbling tremor amplified
  38. General combat ensues
  39. Skeleton really hits Renner
  40. Eugene fumbles
  41. Starts to pull it off balance
  42. Tips it into sarcophagus
  43. Edmund gets a good shot in
  44. Skeleton is dead
  45. Eugene grabs femur
  46. Floor giving way under us! holy shit…
  47. We take damage in the landslide that slides away from the door
  48. Grigori casts light on his shield
  49. Jonos is not present….
  50. Faintly hear muffled groaning. Jonos is in rough shape. really battered.
  51. levels out a bit…
  52. Enormous underground cavern…. enormous… mushrooms…
  53. We’re feeling really weird
  54. A rock appears to be moving…. greyish… pale…
  55. We see the tail of the creature….
  56. The tail has feet… stumpy crocodile lizard feet…
  57. It looks back at light…
  58. Combat ensues…
  59. Edmund throws 1 torch at creature
  60. Bobrick bitten hard
  61. we cast tenser’s floating disc
  62. it casts lighting bold Bobrick is dead
  63. WE RUN
  64. Lightning crackles over us
Filet That Trout

Time lapse estimate: 2 days + 1 day in the Capondercity

We discover that the librarian Burle is missing and descend again into the Capondercity where we decide to do a bit of mining. We mine part of the collapsed tunnel and encounter some undead.

  1. Edmund goes to the Capon to investigate librarian’s disappearance. Belphorus is an old friend, 65–70, a scholar, gulf historian, war ner.
  2. Eugene investigates the library, just normal stuff, although he is able to put all the books away
  3. Edmund discovers no library books are missing, gets drunk
  4. Grigori investigates his deity
  5. Renner performs a ritual, seems amenable to Liamath (at which point one in-game day passes)
  6. Edmund wakes up and looks around. Goes back to the capon.
  7. Renner’s donation does not go unnoticed
  8. Grigori discovers last time Burle was in his room was a week ago.
  9. Nothing on his desk but adventure stories and receipts.
  10. On page 18, we mine out 10*
  11. We continue burning out the gaps and mining
  12. Hear some noise from down the hall
  13. Shieldwall in the crossroads
  14. Eugene runs in and gets javelined
  15. Shieldwall moves in
  16. 1 Kuo Toa comes into the hallway
  17. Edmund casts sleep, just to see what it will do
  18. Kuo Toa is blinking and incapacitated, the others can now move
  19. Kuo Toa swings, misses, Grigori misses
  20. Jed comes out of the washroom and filets the trout
  21. Eugene moves into the room and discovers other Kuo To a
  22. Eugene teases Kuo To a to move back down hallway
  23. Combat ensues
  24. Grigori casts light on the eyes of the big one
  25. General combat ensues
  26. Could be a Kuo Toa shaman
  27. Grigori slays a Kuo Toa
  28. Renner takes a good shot and slays one
  29. Chieftain remains
  30. Renner did 17 damage to chieftain, it did not die
  31. More combat
  32. Slays chieftain
  33. Total of: 38gp and 9pp … old coins …
  34. We encounter a monster as we continue to excavate
  35. Grigori goes into the mined area to confront the undead creature
  36. Undead is unaffected by Grigori
  37. Edmund does the kill
  38. Discover a room
  39. Piles of bones and bodies
  41. No significant hits
  42. Grigori kills it
You Quit, Cold Capon?

Time lapse estimate: 2 days (notes are very poor this time)

It looks like we made it out of there alive because there is some stuff in my notes about searching for Jonos and Bobrick. We look in a pub called the Dog’s Bollocks and eventually Edmund decides to impersonate a census officer. Nothing seems to come of it though, it was possibly a bad idea.

This was the session where we lost Xal, temporarily lost Bobrick and Jonos, and where we met Eugene Rickname, the thief character. There was a lot of combat in this session and a reasonable amount of treasure, I seem to remember.

So we head down into the dungeon and there’s some random notes about “clothes, closet, racks of old clothing.”

  1. We rest in the Temple of Liamath.
  2. Proceed to Locked door.
  3. Eugene checks for traps.
  4. Eugene opens door.
  5. We find a 4-way junction.
  6. Eugene pops the door open.
  7. In a library-type room we find a false bookshelf.
  8. Eugene says, “give it a wiggle.”
  9. Grigori warps the bookshelf, Jed pulls the wood away.
  10. We find a lockbox
  11. We use a grappling hook to open it, there’s some kind of poison dart traps (presumably we disarmed these).
  12. Three scrolls. We take poison darts.
  13. First one crumbles, second and third definitely has spells. Third is much slimmer. Too hard to comprehend.
  14. We find a staircase then move back.
  15. Dank room, fetid, mood, it’s
  16. Do we find an ooze? a slime.
  17. Eugene throws a flask of oil.
  18. We make a crème brûlée out of it
  19. But it doesn’t die, Grigori lights it on fire again and we leave the room.
  20. Old quarters…. stone basin
  21. Javelins fly at us, we run into Kuo To a
  22. Combat ensues
  23. Jonos heavily wounded
  24. Jonos slays one, Edmund gets hit with a javelin from AMBUSH
  25. blinded Kuo Toa
  26. Jed slays one, Grigori sling buleets one
  27. Jed slays another hone
  28. Grigori slays the last one
  29. Caviar-Toa
  30. One scroll contains 6 spells, the other contains 2
  31. see previous page
  32. find a flask
  33. Weird contraption; elevator system
  34. Eugene opens lock
  35. Racks, armour mannequins, find a spade
  36. At 34 find the elevator, pass engineering check | elevator descends…..
  37. Elevator grinding back upwards
  38. Killed Kuo To a who came up elevator
  39. We take elevator (At this point there are some drawings of a bird and some cave drawings, one indicating “FLOODED.”)
  40. Shield wall goes back up elevator, rest of group goes back up
  41. Remains of camp
  42. Encounter tentacle monster
  43. Jed severs a tentacle
  44. Jed severs other tentacle
  45. Much combat
  46. Grigori slays it
  47. We return to the library
Xapon Subspace

Time lapse estimate: 1 day

In this episode we found an altar to Liamath that had been defaced and also had quite an epic battle with a Kuo Toa chieftain and his men, who were fighting some Troglodytes.

  1. We camp out in the cave. Bobric, Xal, Jed keep watch.
  2. Xal hears sounds from behind the wall, from within the cave.
  3. Edmund is able to memorize a spell after being awoken.
  4. Jed taps on the wall. Does it resonate more in certain areas?
  5. We’ll wait an hour to make sure Grigori can memorize his spells.
  6. We may have found a secret door in the side of the cave wall.
  7. Jed is going to the shift the wall to open the door.
  8. Javelins come flying into the room.
  9. Jonos, Bobrick, and Xal engage a scuffle. Jed and Jonos finish one off.
  10. Edmund will focus on staying out of trouble.
  11. The room contains horribly old, dry goods.
  12. The room seems very disused.
  13. We move into the corridor and hear the sound of fighting down the hall.
  14. Guttural shouts and snarls as well as hissing and clicking.
  15. Two Kuo To a fighting two bipedal reptiles, humanoid geckos….
  16. Kuo To a have their backs to us, let’s dispatch them first
  17. Renner “shark style” runs one through and disembowels.
  18. Jonos misses, Jed misses, his shield flies off, Grigori gives him the shield.
  19. Retaliation on Kuo To a from gecko man.
  20. Jed gets a critical hit for fifteen damage, decapitating the gecko
  21. Jonos slips on his shield and
  22. Bobrick slips also
  23. Jed fumbles also
  24. Grigori swings and misses, Jed misses, Trogolodyte misses
  25. Big conflict in left-hand door
  26. Room contains 5 casks
  27. We leave in different formation
  28. Reinforced door
  29. Explored the tunnel
  30. 20-foot square room
  31. Empty book shelves
  32. Fresh tracks here
  33. We charge in, Jed gets a critical on the leader
  34. Bobrick hit and slay Kuo To a
  35. Bobrick then gets hit. We did poorly on initiative
  36. Jonos hits one
  37. Jed slays Kuo To a chieftain shark style
  38. Jed gets hit and goes down
  39. Hell breaks loose
  40. Edmund casts sleep, 3 troglodytes go down
  41. Jonos runs over and takes chieftain bobrick
  42. Bobrick gets critical
  43. Edmund does magic missile on one Kuo To a
  44. Xal to kill the troglodytes that are sleeping
  45. Jonos gets a hit
  46. More crazy fighting and Jonos goes down
  47. Grigori finally rolls well and kills Kuo To a
  48. Grigorie really hits the last troglodyte but he’s still going… Bobrick hits
  49. Bobrick takes it out
  50. Carvings in the wall, defaced, alter defaced. Maybe an altar to Liamath. The sea mother on the alter there is a hidden panel
  51. Grigori pops the panel off.
  52. Kuo Toa have some shiny pieces of metal.
Au pied de capon

Time lapse estimate: 2 days, or thereabouts (notes are very poor due to drunkenness)

This episode began amid rumours of Raggashi pirates. We weren’t 100% sure what to think about that, but one thing was for sure: Edmund was very, very drunk.

We spent some time in the Golden Capon trying to decide what to do. We had narrowly escaped with our lives after an exploration of the Capondercity that was futile and exhilarating in equal measure.

Edmund proposed we build an elevator cage we could use to descend, but this rapidly turned out to be a bad idea so instead we purchased 120 feet worth of ladders and u-bolts.

We descended into the pit and immediately encountered some reanimated Kuo Toa. They were easy to dispatch and we charged down the hallway.

We entered some vague cavern areas, probably too drunk to have noted down the entrances and exits clearly, and encountered some Lizard Men and some Muckdwellers.

We came upon a pile of rubble. Slightly later there were more Kuo Toa. Jonos appeared to have been badly injured and Bobrick was very upset at his condition.

Jed had been grasped by an invisible hand of some kind.

It was all very confusing.

Session 4

Endless Recap

Edmund returned the library books. In the run up to this play session, he had experienced a premonition or frightening dream in which he became convinced of his own imminent demise. Not his own, exactly, but the death of his persona. Or, the death of the thing holding him together. He couldn’t tell. He sometimes felt as though there were someone standing over him, adding to and erasing from his memory, subjecting him to cruel truncations of time in which one day could burn itself out in a minute, or that he would be kept immobile while someone conferred with the gods.

Meanwhile, Grigori got someone to appraise the gems the party had found. The party seemed unclear on whether they had received a fair price, but immediately turned their attention to reentering the Capondercity.

As this was all happening, Jed hired a young boy to be his consort and torchbearer. The new party member and NPC, Xal, was apparently selected for his “litheness,” whatever that means.

It was clear to Edmund, who generally can be identified as the clear leader of the group, that it was worth trying to decode the contents of the scroll that had been discovered after defeating the evil monster. There were spells contained in the scroll. Exciting and dangerous magic.

Future City

After a day spent doing almost nothing, the group reentered the Capondercity and returned to the room in which they had eked out a narrow victory against a gang of murderous fish people. It was then that someone in the party, who suddenly felt himself very wise, remembered that the Kuo Toa are immune to sleep spells. This sparked intense discussion. Had the Kuo Toa been deserted by their monstrous, barely-sentient god? They didn’t know. But what was more interesting was that the bodies of the Kuo Toa the party had slain were missing. There were dragmarks leading off in one direction or another, the party weren’t sure.

Out of options, the party hastened to unlock the final door on this level. The tochbearer Xal used his thieves’ tools, which had been procured by Jed as a kind of gift or tribute (it wasn’t clear which) to unlock the door.

Disgusting Encounters

The party then had a disgusting encounter and in this scene Edmund was excellent also, using his “Affect Normal Fires” spell (from the scroll) to cause the party’s torch to flare and illuminate a sort of semi-sentient flesh creature made from limbs and bits of other semi-sentient trash, crudely animated and manipulated.

Jonos was bitten terribly in the ensuing combat, and then Jed severed a crude flesh limb in the second round. In the third round, Edmund cast a Magic Missile (either from memory or from a scroll) which caused the creature to collapse during the rest of the third round and then die at the end of the round.

The Office of the People

After slaying “flesh beast,” the adventurers discovered that the creature was in fact created to guard an office, accessible via trapdoor in the floor. Ultimately the locked door had proven a more challenging obstacle than the flesh creature and had caused the party to even leave the dungeon to purchase a thieves’ tools.

Inside the room, which was kind of an office, the party discovered various objects consistent with office work, such as a bloodstained library book which may have been used as reference material for the creation of the flesh creature. There was also some treasure concealed absurdly amongst other treasure.

Again out of options, and with only a cursory trajectory binding them together into a functional adventuring group, the party looked downwards, always downwards, looking ahead but downwards, pushing on to the spider cave even as exhaustion set in, and slaying another giant spider and another one after that. Someone was injured but probably said nothing about it. It didn’t matter. There were no more options, only to fight and perhaps die, or perhaps descend another level into the city, or to stay motionless, frozen with indecision, as still as a statue, completely stationary, without movement.

Into the Capondercity
Session 3

1.5 in-game days.

  1. We interrogate the captive lizardman. The pitiful creature seems to be a scout or raider of some kind (poorly dressed, poorly armed) and is evidently quite afraid of the “Delve” or of the earthquake the previous day (it’s not clear exactly what the lizardman is responding to).
  2. We march the lizardman back up the road, untie him, and turn him loose.
  3. With the day drawing to a close, we’re reminded that a giant lizard is still out there somewhere and we’ve spent half a day dragging a lizardman around the countryside with nothing to show for it. Instead of pushing on into the swamp, we return to Akkash for wine and sleep.
  4. The next day, we decide that there must be more information about the Delve somewhere, and it occurs to us that one or more expedition folios may have been removed from the library before we could read them.
  5. We decide to descend below the library to look for more information. Initially, our progress is impeded by a locked door, but we find the key in the librarian’s quarters.
  6. Many of the major buildings in Akkash are connected to a subterranean network, some of which is man-made (aqueducts serving the noble houses, for example) and some of which is naturally-occurring (eons ago, Mt. Akkash, the mountain which gave its name to the city, was an active volcano that left caves and a water system behind as it cooled).
  7. This section appears man-made, although we run into the natural cave system in places where the wall has collapsed. Unfortunately, creatures from the cave system have likely begun to investigate the walled sections in search of food. We encounter and kill an enormous spider. The spider appears to have come from a cave system which we explore briefly, but decide against examining in greater detail.
  8. There’s a pit in one of the rooms, and we can hear voices coming from a lower level.
  9. After climbing over a collapsed wall to get around a section where the wall collapsed completely, we find an ornate locked door and cannot progress any further. There is a staircase, but we’re initially hesitant to explore any further since we’re not at 100%.
  10. Even though we’re pushing our luck, we descend cautiously and take a left.
  11. We push through a door and discover three Kuo-toa camped out inside. A battle ensues, and Edmund is able to use Sleep to render them unconscious before slitting their throats. Gills. Edmund is really doing very well in this session! He’s a natural leader and his magic helps the group a lot!
  12. We try the other room and find some crates. Unfortunately, our brief battle must have drawn attention from some Kuo-toa further along the corridor and we’re surprised. Jonos suffers a wound that is bad enough for us to nearly panic. Luckily, Jed, Grigori, and Bobric are able to cut up the fish men.
  13. Grigori is able to heal our wounded henchman, but we decide it’s best to hightail it out of the undercity.
That's a Dangerous Place to Grow Your Bananas
Session 2

1.5 in-game days.

  1. Edmund spent the morning after the earthquake reading through the expedition reports he’d taken from the library. The information was vague and in some cases of dubious authorship. What a waste. He concluded that the vital information might be among the expedition reports he’d left for Grigori to pick over. Initially, Edmund planned to cast Unseen Servant to remove the volumes from Grigori’s possession, but later he decided a better idea would be to overcome his suspicion of tourists and approach Grigori about sharing whatever research they had gathered. The two set to work but found only more vague myths.
  2. Meanwhile, an Akkashi patrol was returning to the city, visibly shaken and carrying wounded men on stretchers.
  3. Since research is often very tiring and can make a man thirsty, Edmund and Grigori returned to the Capon for a drink and noticed the atmosphere of general alarm. Grigori was able to enlist his temple in providing for the wounded men.
  4. Back at the Capon, Grigori recognized Jed from the previous day and the party came together around the shared goal of determining exactly how the lizardman incursion was linked to the events of the previous day. Jed seemed motivated by a strong moral code, while Grigori seemed compelled as faith-based healer. Edmund, on the other hand, just couldn’t handle not knowing something important.
  5. The party spoke with two of the patrolmen—Jonos and Bobric—and they were convinced to act as guides (for a price).
  6. The next day the party set out along a main thoroughfare leading out of Akkash and into the outlying agricultural area.
  7. The road was well maintained and the party noted the plantations and farms that surround the city had not been attacked.
  8. Soon, however, a giant lizard (of some sort) was spotted and the group was forced to detour around through the swamp.
  9. As the party neared the site where the patrol had skirmished with lizardmen, Jonos and Bobric abruptly called the group to a halt. Two lizardmen rose out of the swamp and came forward.
  10. Edmund was quick to cast Sleep. The party argued over what to do and decided that it might be possible to seek more information. (Edmund and Grigori are both able to communicate with lizardmen to some degree.) The party decided that Jed would kill one of the lizardmen and the other would be tied up and brought back to the city. Edmund later confessed that he felt a little umcomfortable about killing a sleeping creature, but wasn’t really losing any sleep over it.

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