Flickering Shadows

"Grab the Femur, Eugene!"

Time lapse estimate: less than one day

In this episode, we start out in the Capondercity, which we don’t normally do. We seem to be encountering more and more undead and this episode is no exception. We fight some skeletons, and discover some sort of ancient Akkashi tomb with a skeleton king of some kind (?) which gives us all the creeps. This triggers a mini-earthquake of some kind and we all fall into a lower level. We find an enormous mushroom cave. As we explore the cavern we discover a dragon that immediately becomes hostile and slays Bobrick. At the end of the episode, we’re left running for our lives…

  1. We cross the hallway after combatting the zombies
  2. We can hear a scratching sound, kind of a wet sound
  3. Edmund does a wisdom check and sees something at *…. rippling
  4. Is it a stick
  5. Eugene throws a rock, we hear rustling. We saw an elbow of a sunken, ghastly creature
  6. It’s undead appearing. Grigori steps forward and attempts to turn them
  7. Grigori appears to turn them. initiative roll, a set of bones dislodges itself from a bier, dragging a rusty sword. “I don’t think I got all of them.”
  8. Renner heads for the skeleton.
  9. Grigori wants Jonos and Bobrick to hold off the others.
  10. We discover many skeletons are waking up
  11. Bobrick slays one, no questions, that bardiche.
  12. New round
  13. Edmund does 2 damage to a skeleton.
  14. Bobrick swings off balance
  15. Eugene misses with crossbow
  16. Jed is hit by a skeleton for 3 damage
  17. Jonos dismantles a skeleton
  18. Renner kills… nothing.
  19. Renner kills another skeleton
  20. Edmunds knocks a skeleton apart
  21. Renner kills, let’s slay ghouls
  22. Investigating a remaining skeleton puts the fear in several people. His rusted sword was probably nice
  23. Ancient Akkashi guys would make tombs and sarcophagi
  24. Everyone becomes aware of a loud grinding back in the hallway
  25. What we thought was a dead hallway reveals itself
  26. Remove is richly decorated and engraved, tapestries, torch olders
  27. in the centre, there’s a tomb with stairs leading up to….
  28. An ornate tomb in the centre of the room
  29. We find a tripwire
  30. Eugnee sees a "talon symbol crossed with a scythe
  31. Skeletal hand starts open sarcophagus
  32. Something is happening…. a tremor in the background
  33. Eugene runs back and jumps on the lid
  34. Edmund pushes back into a wall
  35. Eugene on casket lid, some hijinx
  36. Recognize theres a 9-foot tall “thing” rising out of the tomb
  37. Wisdom check: rumbling tremor amplified
  38. General combat ensues
  39. Skeleton really hits Renner
  40. Eugene fumbles
  41. Starts to pull it off balance
  42. Tips it into sarcophagus
  43. Edmund gets a good shot in
  44. Skeleton is dead
  45. Eugene grabs femur
  46. Floor giving way under us! holy shit…
  47. We take damage in the landslide that slides away from the door
  48. Grigori casts light on his shield
  49. Jonos is not present….
  50. Faintly hear muffled groaning. Jonos is in rough shape. really battered.
  51. levels out a bit…
  52. Enormous underground cavern…. enormous… mushrooms…
  53. We’re feeling really weird
  54. A rock appears to be moving…. greyish… pale…
  55. We see the tail of the creature….
  56. The tail has feet… stumpy crocodile lizard feet…
  57. It looks back at light…
  58. Combat ensues…
  59. Edmund throws 1 torch at creature
  60. Bobrick bitten hard
  61. we cast tenser’s floating disc
  62. it casts lighting bold Bobrick is dead
  63. WE RUN
  64. Lightning crackles over us


Rixos cheddarmilk

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