Flickering Shadows

Lobster Formation

  1. Edmund explores the cave while Jed guards the wounded, gathers moss and mushrooms and returns.
  2. Eugene keeps his right hand on the wall, heads back in the opposite direction until he finds the collapse, lights a flare and heads back.
  3. Renner does a prayer to Liamath while this is going on.
  4. Eugene takes next watch.
  5. Jonos is groaning and grumbling. Seems awake.
  6. Edmund memorized spells and copies the Melf’s Acid Arrow and Web he can now understand from the scroll.
  7. Can’t find water. Edmund returns to camp.
  8. Eugene finds wall sloping inwards as he explores cave in opposite direction. After another 20 mins it curves inwards. But it’s the collapse. He essentially went back the wrong way.
  9. Eugene rests for a bit, we eat rations, he heads back, on his right-hand side. Abrupt turn-off, which he heads down.
  10. Starts to curve off again to the right, feels like a parallel wall.
  11. Eugene marks wall with chalk.
  12. We decide that, after another night, Eugene will proceed across the cavern then turn right.
  13. Continues along, it seems like we’ve found the other side.
  14. Meanwhile, Jonos seems to have fallen into depression.
  15. Grigori creates some water the next day. We’re so thirsty. Grigori cures himself, it’s good to have him back.
  16. After another day, it’s time for us to head back.
  17. We head along the new passageway. As the passageway widens we do wisdom checks and hear… a trickling noise from somewhere.
  18. We head left. The sound is the trickling of a cave spring.
  19. As soon as we hear water, we hear javelins. One hits Jonos.
  20. As we advance another two javelins come in and we spot two Kuo Toa.
  21. Jonos takes another hit and crumples, Jed dodges one.
  22. New round. Edmund’s magic missile hits, Grigori heals Jonos.
  23. Eugene misses, Grigori hits one, Renner really smokes one.
  24. Jonos and Jed miss.
  25. Grigori nails one and kills it.
  26. Renner kills the other one.
  27. We take the new passageway, some parts of it seemed bored out? Something was dug.
  28. Grigori takes a hit from a torso-sized centipede. It clamps its jaws around him.
  29. Everyone takes a shot at it.
  30. Still trying to chew through chain mail. Much combat, but eventually Eugene kills it with crossbow.
  31. Edmund consults bestiary.
  32. Eugene goes into its lair to see what’s there. Sees a bit of a glitter… Finds gemstones, darkish blue. 2.
  33. Eugene stabs poop. “I don’t find anything in his butt.”
  34. We continue on in this direction and see Kuo Toa. We’re in Lobster Formation to protect us against the wall.
  35. We find a group of Kuo To a huddling around one who has recently died. One of the Kuo Toa seems to be crouching and scrabbling. 1 looks like he has a crazy bone or shell weapon.
  36. Jed kills one Jonos crazy hit kills one … then he gets knocked out. (?) Grigori going to get a bonus … casts light.
  37. Eugene badly wounds one.
  38. Edmund casts Melf’s Acid Arrow, hits the big dude. Renner hits him … More combat … Grigori smokes one. It “melfs” through his skull.
  39. The chieftain’s coins melted by acid, a brooch …
  40. So the centipede got the Kuo Toa first, we showed up later… find a small prism.
  41. Altar with shells and bones. This is actually Kuo Toa design. The altar may have a hidden compartment. Eugene checks for traps. Poison needle trap is disarmed. We find a bone knife.
  42. We rest for the night.
  43. More back through 38 notice boulders dislodged. Glowing moss … Notice this moss is mutated and glowing …
  44. Find Kuo Toa bones.
  45. See a stalactite (?) column.
  46. We see a trolling bearing down on us from the chasm.
  47. Troll combat.
  48. Return to 43 and combat, an armoured centipede. Kill it in one round.
  49. Examine troll cave… Just Kuo Toa remains, some small gems. Scattered coins … A clean sack … Seems to summon a puffball … Eagle of house Weymoor …
  50. Rest in Troll cave.
  51. Explore.
  52. Hear rustling and footfalls receding.
  53. A Kuo Toa sneaking around pillar… Eugene surprise attack kills one. Moss, lichen, vines. Human skull buried in the moss … Rings on fingers …
  54. Jones and Jed fall in a pit.


Rixos cheddarmilk

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