Flickering Shadows

We bid farewell to Capondercity

About Bloody Time

  1. Move into room and get javelined.
  2. 2 Kuo Toa. Let’s fight!
  3. Javelins to Jed and Jonos. They miss …
  4. Jed hits one.
  5. Jed gets hit really hard, Jonos gets hit.
  6. Grigori hits a Kuo Toa.
  7. Edmund kills one …
  8. Eugene sneaks to guttural chanting. Kuo Toa shaman is organizing a ritual.
  9. Eugene tries to sneak attack the shaman … but misses … he enters combat.
  10. We enter combat.
  11. Edmund smacks the shaman to injure.
  12. Jed defeats Kuo Toa
  13. Sounds of battle in the other room still persist. Priest had a scroll.
  14. We open up into ruin or structure
  15. Eugene throws torch into room where we see human bones.
  16. A dozen skeletons vs Kuo Toa/Chieftain … Flame skeleton …
  17. We wait as skeleton vs Kuo Toa ensues then takes them out via melee.
  18. We battle all Kuo Toa/skeletons lots of fighting
  19. Eugene kills Kuo Toa
  20. Eventually we prevail, find mining equipment and shackles.
  21. Eugene is using a light-casted Kuo Toa’s head as a torch on its own halbert.
  22. Combat with piercers …
  23. 2 skeletons.
  24. Hallway slopes up.
  25. Door is reinforced (unintelligible) gained 1 armour spell on scroll (?)
  26. Death stench
  27. Light a torch throw into octagonal (?)
  28. Humanoid figure is evident
  29. Item sitting on a plinth in second octagonal room ….
  30. Wooden mannequin with plate mail
  31. Find a chest in 25.
  32. We smell loam, dirt, fresh …
  33. Endless dice rolls … Bright lights, smells
  34. Blind … We hear people
  35. In a graveyard, set in a wall…
  36. Outside the walls in the wet quarter, pocket of mausoleums
  37. We retire to the Capon. There appear to be warriors and tagalongs.


Rixos cheddarmilk

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